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Información Etiquetado de recursos, nueva crítica y más


Puntuación de reacciones
Hot on the heels of our XenForo Media Gallery 1.1 announcement, we are now also ready to show what's coming in XenForo Resource Manager 1.2.

Resource Manager 1.2, like Media Gallery 1.1, will require XenForo 1.5.

Resource tagging
As we mentioned in the thread tagging announcement, tagging support would be coming to our official add-ons. Resource tagging thus works very similarly to thread tagging.

Tags can be displayed at the top:

Or at the bottom:

When tags are at the top, they will be displayed on all parts of the resource (other than in the discussion thread). When tags are at the top, they will only be displayed on the overview tab.

Editing is otherwise identical to thread tags.

Latest reviews
You may now display the latest reviews in a sidebar block on the main resource list page:

This can also lead to a separate latest reviews page to allow access to more than just the last few reviews:

New resources block
The newest resources (by last update) can now be displayed on the forum list page in a sidebar block, like the standard "new posts" and "new profile posts" blocks:


We have also added a resources tab to the "find new" system to make it easier to see the latest resources. This essentially just matches the resource list shown on the resource index page when sorting by the latest updates.

Default sort order option
The default sort order for the resource index and category overview pages can now be changed:


Sorting tab changes
Like the media gallery, we have collapsed the sort options in on the resource list pages into a menu:


This provides a more consistent display across devices, particularly moving the content up the page on smaller devices. This also allows us to add more sorting options without running into space constraints, so we have added support for sorting by resource titles.

Mentions in resources and updates
Previously, we did not support for @ mentions in resources and resource updates. This has now changed. For example, you can now thank someone for their contribution when posting an update and have them receive an alert. (Note that, like elsewhere in XenForo, alerts will not be sent when editing a resource or an update.)

Author alerts
The ability to send an alert to a content author when a moderator takes action against their content has been incredibly useful, so we're expanding to include that in resources.


Alerts can be sent when editing or deleting a resource, resource update or review. An alert can also be sent when reassigning a resource; this alert will be sent to the current and new owners.

That's what's coming in XenForo Resource Manager 1.2. We'll be installing it here soon. Once we're happy with how it's going, we'll follow it up with a beta for more extended testing. :)

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